How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl:18 Easy Ways

A puppy or dog may view his or her water bowl as a toy – a container full of water to dive into and splash around in. You can also play with water while tipping over the bowl, because who wants to drink it when you can play with it?

There are several ways to prevent your dog from tipping over the water bowl, such as putting a heavy stone in the bowl, using a heavy dish, or giving your dog a water bottle instead.

How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl

How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl? There are many ways to prevent your dog from tipping over its water bowl, and these are just a few. It can be solved easily with some nifty little tricks, trying different bowls, addressing the underlying cause, and changing the bowl.

  1. Place the silicone mat under the bowl

Try placing a silicone mat under your dog’s water container, keeping the water container in place.

There is a large, waterproof, waterproof ground mattress designed to keep dishes in place, making it easier to clean and prevent water and food from entering the floor.

Here’s an animal silicon mat from Amazon that is a dishwasher – safe and machine-made, for extra hold – and comes in many colors.

  1. Reduce the water container

 why does my dog dump his food bowl over

You can try to put a stone in your dog’s water container, measure it and make it harder to move the water container.

Keep in mind that the rock takes up space, so you may need a larger container of water or refill it more often.

Another option is a product called Dog Rocks (Amazon link), which drains the container and releases nitrates into your dog’s drinking water at the same time. If your dog has too little nitrates in his urine, your dog’s urine will not harm or burn the grass.

If your yard smells of dog urine, here’s my article on how to get rid of odors.

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  1. Insert Velcro under the container

Many dog ​​owners were lucky enough to fit Velcro under their dog’s water container. These VELCRO threads from Amazon are expensive, can be used indoors or outdoors, and can hold up to 15lbs to be extremely durable.

Attach one side of the line to the bottom of the container and the other side of the line to the bottom. To keep a container of water in place, simply place a string of water in a bowl so that it sticks together. You will be able to pull out the container when you need to wash or refill.

  1. Place the bowl in another container

Place the bowl in another container

Try putting your dog’s water bowl in another large container. Be sure to keep both containers clean and free of defects by following the 3 simple steps in this article.

Placing the container inside another container makes it very difficult for your dog to pick up or rub on the water container.

Change your dog’s container to stop the supply of water:

Sometimes it is best to completely change your dog’s water container, at least until they grow up, or stop the practice of spilling over the water container.

Here are some water containers that are difficult or impossible to jump on:

  1. Try a heavy water container

If you do not want to use a stone in your dog’s water container by weight, you can get a very heavy water container that your dog will not easily blow.

These are more expensive than stainless steel and metal containers and will be too heavy for you to clean yourself, but they should solve the problem of shrinkage.

There are three heavy water container options:

  1. A ceramic dish, like this heavy dish from Amazon, or use a cookie crock
  2. A heavy stoneware container with a splash of proof, such as the one from Amazon, or a cheaper option like this
  3. Concrete container (I didn’t find a good one on Amazon – don’t buy a planter because it will have holes in the bottom for plants to get water out of the plants)

Your dog, or the big boy/gal, will struggle to pick up or push over a heavy bowl of water.

Just be sure to place a towel or silicone mat on the bottom of the container to catch any water spills around the container.

  1. Try a non-slip water container

 why does my dog dump his food bowl over

These containers have layers of rubber or silicone on the bottom or around the bottom edge that sits on the floor.

If your dog likes to move a container of water while drinking, the rubber will dry the container. But this container will not help if your dog likes to pick up a container of water (instead try the Velcro strings in point 3).

You can always find a waterproof container and place it on a silicone mat to add ‘stickiness’ (see point 1).

I have a stainless steel water tank that works very well, like the one in the Amazon. If your dog is a large breed or a heavy pusher, something like this can work better.

  1. Try a raised water container

Raised How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl

A raised water container is a container that stays in the tent to rise to the floor.

Beware that raised containers increase the risk of constipation, especially if your dog drinks too much immediately before or after walking, so lift only a bowl of water or use a container of cool food.

These containers can make it easier for your dog to drink the water due to the height relative to the dog’s head. These containers can also prevent other dogs from slipping into their water bowl because it is very hard and the water is not low, so it takes some of the ‘fun’ away from the game.

If you find a raised water container for sniffer dogs, dog owners recommend that you get a sturdy stand. A four-legged stand may not be strong enough for a dog playing with a water bowl.

And here is another weighted and flexible bowl of water, so you can adjust it as your dog grows.

  1. Try a water bottle

One way is to give your dog a water bottle and use a bowl of water during feeding times or when you are at home, so you can watch things.

You can leave several bottles around the house and in the yard. Be sure to show your dog what water bottles are available and how to use them.

  1. Try a simple dish

You can try a waterproof container. These containers limit the amount of water your dog can reach in a single click, so there is little reason to dig and play and put water in the container.

I found 2 popular non-tip options on Amazon, and they are actually less expensive (less than $ 20 each):

  1. Dog Water Dog: No Spill, Ground Water Supply, Smooth
  2. Lotus Dog Water Bowl With Disk Floating, Anti-Convert

One thing you should know about these ‘good’ dog dishes is that they take a lot of work to clean. Several parts need to be separated, cleaned, and then reassembled. So only find a container like this if you have the time and patience to do so

How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl

  1. Try the container with a wide base

A container with a wide base above the top will be difficult for your dog to investigate. This is because the broad foundation allows it to stand ‘firmly’ on the ground.

There are many types of these dishes available and many of them are very inexpensive.

You can find plastic or stainless steel containers, and most of them have silicone or rubber around the base to keep them from slipping.

  1. Try a quick feeding bowl

Slow food containers have a block/piece in the middle of the container, so your dog cannot swallow its food. But this can help to stop your dog from rolling over the water bowl.

A piece of cool food in a bowl will free your dog from water and be very happy, which is one of the reasons why dogs play with their water containers.

A piece in a container can also make it harder for your dog to pick up a container of water from his mouth.

Here’s an inexpensive low-fat dish, has a wide base and has a rubber ring base to prevent shrinkage (Amazon link).

  1. Try the pail

Some dog owners have succeeded with a one-sided flat pail, like this one (Amazon link).

You will need to protect the pail from something, such as a gate or crate, and a strong one can make it better.

The depth and height of the paddle make it difficult for a dog to hit it, and the fact that they have to stick their noses in-depth to get water makes them less likely to spill water everywhere.

Many tips to help stop your dog from jumping into a watering can

Most of the time, overcrowding is a stage at which your dog will grow (although it can irritate you and confuse you under you).

The good news is that there are things you can do to help your dog change or reduce this behavior, or to help you deal with it while bending the bowl is.

You can never punish your dog by pushing a bowl of water – your dog will not know why he is being punished and may not be afraid to use the water bowl. We don’t want that at all.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do to help your dog

  1. Move the container to a quiet place


Try moving the water container to a quiet place in your home.

Busy and noisy environments can lead to getting too much water, especially if you have a goofy or noisy dog.

It can go something like this: Your dog drinks water happily, your kids start playing and running, the dog is very happy and joins the fun by playing with a bowl of water… Water everywhere!

  1. Place the container where you ignore the dirt

Place the dog container where you ignore the dirt

Life can be much easier and quieter if you can accept that this is the stage you and your dog are going through, so you need to work together.

Some dog owners simply place their dog’s water container in the bathtub or shower. If their puppies or their dog tips are on the water bowl, there is no problem about ‘evil’.

  1. Provide clean water daily

Make sure you give your dog clean water in a container of clean water every day.

Some dogs draw water from their bowl when there is no water. Your beautiful shoot asks you in his way to fill the bowl with clean water.

  1. Keep your dog cool enough

If your dog is very hot, he may try to use the water in the container to cool down.

Make sure your dog is cool enough in the house. Keep the aircon at a comfortable temperature and give a cooling mat to your dog to sleep on. Click here for all my tips and tricks on how to store water in your dog water containers.

  1. Give your dog a playground with water

Some dogs want to spread around. They are the water kids of the dog world.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these water kids, and they are trying to swim in a pool of water, you may want to give them another source of water to play with.

My baby swimmer swims in his children’s pool whenever he finds it, whether it’s the time of day or the weather.

Having a play pool or bathtub in which to play can stop your dog from jumping up and playing with a bowl of water.

Do not give your dog free access to the swimming pool as this can be dangerous. If your dog uses a pond, there are roads you can put in your pond that your dog can use to get out of the water if needed.

One of these ramps is the FrogLog Escape Ramp from Amazon.

  1. Give your dog toys to play with

Some dogs pour their own water bowl and play with their drinking water because they are bored or want attention (even if it is not the right kind of attention).

Make sure your dog has things that will keep him busy. You can give your dog a Kong or a puzzle toy to play with. Try different toys to see which one your dog likes the most.

I have a great article on the types of dog toys you can find and how much they cost – click HERE to see.

To teach your dog not to focus on a bowl of water, wait until it is quiet and quiet at home. Put a bowl on the floor for your dog and give him a drink of water. Then start again by placing a bowl in front of your dog.

Your dog will soon learn that installing a container means the container is being removed.


How To Stop Dog From Tipping Food Bowl? Here is the conclusion. With a few tricks, you can prevent your dog from tipping the food bowl. You should also try to understand the underlying reason for the behavior so that you can take the right steps. Your dog’s bowl or food may need to be changed at some point.

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