Top 10 Things Not To Feed Your Dog: Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

Today we discuss  10 Things Not To Feed Your Dog.

7 Foods Dogs, Will Love

1. Chicken — Preferably cooked, and not in the form of soup. It will make them happy, and fast.

2. Pancake — Not in the shape of a pancake. Pancakes are only for humans.

3. Beer — Especially while you’re drinking it. Then they’ll be happy.

4. Pesto — We’re assuming the reason for this one is that dogs love cheese.

5. Pizza — Don’t be surprised if they make the same face you make when you open up that box of pizza rolls.

6. Pasta — Save the noodles for their owners, and make them Italian Pasta with turkey and cheese, instead.

7. Potato Chips — What do they do with potato chips?

Top 10 Things Not To Feed Your Dog

10 Foods Not To Feed Your Dog

Dog Food

Cricket Flour – As with human food, dogs’ bodies require a diet that consists of protein, carbs, and fat. For dogs, wheat flour and corn are popular choices for their protein source. Also, dairy is used as a binder in dog food. Candy Candy is a very popular treat among dogs.

It is healthy if used sparingly and left out of the dogs’ feeding schedule to avoid an accumulation of salt, sugar, and calories. Cinnabon, a cinnamon-covered donut, is a favorite among them.

Cinnamon Bun – Baked cinnamon bun is popular among dogs. As with the donut, this is a treat eaten sparingly. Cinnamon Sugar Bun – Also like the cinnamon bun, this is a baked treat, but the cinnamon sugar is a bit more coarse, so less sugar is needed.


Admittedly, nuts are a portion of healthy food for humans, but it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether it’s worth giving your dog a few handouts or avoiding the potential dangers. Hazelnuts are particularly lethal and poisonous to dogs. Every year, the American Veterinary Medical Association publishes an analysis of pet deaths caused by eating hazelnuts.

10 things not to feed your dog on thanksgiving

Most of the deaths are reported in dogs who ate the nuts by accident or by someone feeding them to their pet, unaware that they were toxic. If you’re giving your dog nuts, make sure to read the label on the packaging carefully to see which species of tree the nuts are from. Some brands of hazelnuts include the message “for human consumption only”, however, if you’re unsure, it’s best to throw the nuts out.


A dog loves avocado, but doesn’t. The avocado contains high amounts of nitrates found in lemons. This can cause dogs to have a fast heartbeat and may cause death. Grapes As previously mentioned, grapes contain higher amounts of cyanide than sweet potatoes. And because grape skin is so thick, dogs can’t swallow them.

And while sweet potato skin is also so thick it makes swallowing the root tough to do, the sugar helps to coat it well enough to let dogs swallow it. Grape skins on the other hand just crumble to a big mess for your dog to try to pick up with their tongue. Walnuts There are no good studies on walnuts for dogs. One study showed that dogs that ate walnuts tended to have allergic reactions and an increase in heart rate. Another showed that they are high in high-fat calories.


Yes, you read it right; chocolate is one of the most delicious and not good food for dogs. It contains theobromine, a stimulant similar to caffeine that can cause dehydration and hypertension in dogs. The red dye in chocolate can be toxic and cause skin irritation, the sugar content of the chocolate can lead to weight gain, and many may know that chocolate is bad for pets!

Theobromine, a chemical found in chocolate, can cause dogs to lose control of their bladder. Once they’ve had a dose of chocolate, they will pee more. It can also lead to an increased heart rate, tremors, convulsions, and seizures. This is why you should be careful with giving your pets chocolate; especially if they are little, as they have fragile kidneys.


Grapes make a dog’s mouth red. But, of course, you can’t feed it to your dog, otherwise, he will have red gums and probably cannot eat his food. The redness in a dog’s mouth is called Vitiligo, an immune disorder that makes the dog unable to produce skin pigment which makes the gums appear red. Keep your dog away from the grapes!


Strawberries are quite a favorite for dogs. Just take care to place them in the fridge, as strawberries are very acidic and they may cause immediate skin irritation on the dogs. If your dog doesn’t react immediately, follow him around the house, and if you notice his lips are red, take him to the vet. Tomatoes Like grapes, tomatoes are another thing that dogs love to eat. The acidity in tomatoes can be harmful to dogs.


Dogs don’t need extra help breathing and digesting. That is why they eat little to none of the onions. An onion is also not to be added to the food for the food bowls of dogs, as onions can block the breathing passage and can cause serious problems.


Celery is a vegetable that can cause constipation and gas. It also constricts the bowel movement and stomach. Celery contains sugars and carbs which cause dehydration in the dogs and vomiting.

To avoid constipation, dogs should have celery as a treat. The liver is a very healthy organ of the dog’s body. However, dogs that have chronic health problems may be more likely to become diabetic or suffer from other health problems from eating liver. Giving your dog liver will cause it to become lethargic, and may lead to death.


Why a healthy dog won’t grow to be a vicious beast with rabies is a mystery to everyone. When you and your dog sit down to enjoy a pizza together, chances are, you’re picking your slices carefully. To prevent a dog’s tummy from digesting poisonous meat juices, avoid feeding your pet tomatoes, tomatillos, and eggplants since these vegetables are particularly rich in lycopene, which is a plant-based product that’s commonly found in our dogs’ meals.

Citrus Fruits As a kid, you probably discovered that your sweet-toothed animal friend liked his own suntan. This means your dog is no dummy. Foods high in vitamin C such as citrus fruits are natural skin, tooth, and liver cleansers. More importantly, they’re not used to ward off parasites or germs.


Almonds are a popular dog food ingredient, which is a big cause of canine illness in many cases. When dogs ingest nuts, it causes water retention and inflammation of the esophagus, and can also lead to a fatal choking incident, especially in puppies. Salmon Although salmon is a rich source of vitamins, it may also lead to pancreatitis in dogs, as marine food contains a chemical called methylmercury. This chemical is known to cause liver cancer.

Chocolate It’s a favorite of most dogs, however, it can be incredibly dangerous to their health if consumed in excess. In fact, excessive amounts can kill them. This is because it can lead to hyperthermia, and hypercalcemia (a chemical imbalance in the blood that can make your dog sensitive to the sun).


The dark liquor has been used for hundreds of years by humans as an antiseptic, antifungal, fungicidal, and to make sweet and molasses. According to, dogs are also able to eat honey for energy and calcium. Its generally preferred source is beeswax.

Boiled eggs,

Eggs have been a staple for many people around the world and have been used in the diets of animals and humans since the early to mid-1800s. It’s not uncommon to see fresh eggs sitting on a grocery store shelf in the produce section; not only for their delicious taste but also for their vitamin and mineral content. Boiled eggs also come in handy for feeding your dog as a snack. This is especially true for a pup that suffers from urinary tract problems.

Canned Dog Food

After months of watching their furry friends stumble around the house with glazed-over eyes, not the ones you want to see. They do not only need a lot of fresh air, but they also need lots of exercise. That is why overfeeding them just makes matters worse. A dehydrated dog is not an active dog, and that is certainly not a healthy way to live. When dogs are dehydrated, they begin to lose weight, which also indicates a serious problem. If a dog loses weight, it will also lose the ability to fight infection. In addition, an overfed dog is also exposed to diseases, which can lead to a dog’s death. More importantly, food poisoning is deadly for pets. Why feed a dog unbalanced food?

Why Not Feed Your Dog?

1. Chocolate Just as you don’t feed your children raisins, peanuts, or wheat-based products, you should not feed your dog chocolate or any other sweets or foods that contain lactose or are high in glycemic index (GI) or fat. Chocolate has been found to increase the intake of sugar, which can damage your dog’s digestive tract. Dogs who live with people who consume large quantities of chocolate should be examined by a veterinarian.

10 things not to feed your dog on thanksgiving

2. Alcohol Many dogs get hooked on the drink. Alcoholic beverages contain depressants that damage their organs and nervous system. Ingesting alcohol can cause vomiting, seizures, and even death. Alcohol can damage the heart, liver, and even kidneys. This may be fatal if the dogs are not examined by a veterinarian.


We share 10 Things Not To Feed Your Dog. There are no denying dogs are a living member of the human family, and the attention and love we give them is the best gift we can give them. Dog owners know that they shouldn’t bring their pets to a place where there are a lot of loud noises, or expose them to many other things that could put their dog’s health in danger. They know that it’s essential to keep their dogs clean and away from an environment that could contribute to their overall health. This way they protect the dogs they love the most and give them a safe, loving, and hygienic environment in which they can live. Many pets do not even survive for a day, and you are probably wondering how on earth you can put the lives of the creatures you care for at risk.

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